Wilson the Wombat finds himself with a bedtime tummy ache of worry.  What can he do with all of those “what-if” worries?

Wilson the Wombat finds himself with a bedtime tummy ache of worry.  What can he do with all of those “what-if” worries?

A therapeutic book and a fun story filled with animal facts to help support anxious and worried kids at bedtime. Written by a licensed counselor.

In this helpful book written by a professional counselor, you will read the story of adorable Wilson and his family, meet some of their unique, Australian friends, and watch as he reminds his body and mind to relax so he can sleep. You will also learn some incredible facts about the wombat (did you know they poop cubes?), and you will be taught how to help the kids in your life ignite the skills of self-regulation and feelings of safety from the knowledge and training of a therapist.

This multi-faceted book is engaging, funny, and practical and helps kids and adults alike learn how to battle their worry and anxiety.



If you are looking for a therapist who is EMDR trained, go to emdria.org/directory to find one located near you.

Be sure to check out the Wombat Bed and Breakfast in the back of the book for incredible facts about all the animals shown in the book.

PS: there is a picture of a dingo on one of the pages in the book, but we did not include him at the Bed and Breakfast page as he is NOT a welcome guest!


Amy had ankle surgery March 6, 2020, and had six weeks of non-weight bearing time to think!  During this time, she was able to put onto paper what had been stirring in her head.  She and her daughter Elizabeth were moved by the great bush fires in Australia in 2020 and Elizabeth drew an art piece to be auctioned off to raise money to help the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.  During that time, prompted by her daughter’s research and learning, Wilson the Wombat became the character for the story that she had been thinking of for the last year. 


Amy’s hope with this book is to teach kids how to identify their feelings and cope when they are worried, especially at bedtime.  This book is silly, thoughtful and creative and we hope it will be a favorite in your home, office and classroom.  Wilson the Wombat and the Nighttime What-If Worries, like the author, incorporates truth, silliness, and fun. 


Amy Orlovich is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and lives in Boise, Idaho in the USA. She has been married to Brian for 28 years and they have three grown (one is nearly grown) children and one son-in-law! Since she was young, Amy has loved learning fun and extraordinary facts about our amazing world and the people and animals living in it. She wanted to incorporate some amazing animals with some of the tools people need to feel peaceful and calm. Amy has a counseling practice called Waters Gone By and she sees clients who have experienced trauma and other kinds of difficult life circumstances. She utilizes EMDR in her practice and you can learn more about her and her practice at watersgoneby.com. For more tips and encouragement, follow on Instagram: @wilsonthewombatbook and @watersgoneby

Great For The Whole Family!

“I love how Amy brings humor, fun facts about Australian animals, AND truth to this book! Her perspective as a counselor really came through and I am so thankful for this book. It gives me great tools and language to use with my children about what to do when we worry. Plus, the illustrations are adorable! You can’t go wrong with this book!”

~ Pre-K Teacher

We adore Wilson the Wombat!

As children grow and learn, it can be very challenging for them to identify and communicate their emotions.  Wilson the Wombat provides a relatable and entertaining way for children to be engaged in the topic.  They are able to use his example to not only understand their own worry, but to use tools to overcome it!  This book is invaluable for me to use with clients that are developing the skills they need to communicate their thoughts and needs, but it also has become a favorite in my own home!  All of my children enjoy reading the surprising science facts and watching as Wilson discovers that truth wins!  This story is a true gift to help calm worried mind!”


Angela Warlick, MS, CCC-SLP

Elevate Speech Language Pathology Services, LLC

It’s extraordinary😍 Seriously!

Im weeping as I write this. Its extraordinary😍 Seriously! My son and I (and the whole freaking family) need to read this nightly. Here I am thinking its going to help him and man, its helping me right along side. It is so beautifully written! We giggled, we paused and chatted, we both cried. You 100% nailed it! I have three families in mind I know would benefit greatly from owning this book so theyre all getting a copy! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into this masterpiece😍”


Jenny P.

Very inspirational!

“The message in the book is wonderful and very inspirational – it makes the reader think about the “what-if worries” and how to combat them.  I absolutely love this book!  The facts about wombats are awesome (didn’t know anything about them before this book!) and “The Wombat Bed & Breakfast” is absolutely adorable!  The illustrator did a fabulous job too – SO cute and just perfect!”


Online review

Such a beautiful story!

“The illustrations are gorgeous, the story is very sweet and was so helpful for my 7yo son who is quite anxious. I am a wildlife carer from Australia so was a bit worried when i saw there were facts included but was very impressed by the accuracy!”

Online review: Webby84

Gives you as a parent an extra tool to help your kid!

“I have a 6 year old with BIG emotions that we are constantly trying to work through, while worrying/anxiety isn’t really one of them I thought why not? This book is such a perfect mixture of funny, and animal facts, and how to handle the big emotion of worrying or anxiety. He asked to read it twice in a row and it has constantly been open the last few days since it arrived. But the best part is a couple days after we got it he left a favorite toy at a friend’s house and was on the verge of a meltdown at bedtime. I reminded him of what Wilson taught us and what Wilson does and I was SHOCKED when we went from meltdown to “Okay, goodnight” and rolled over. I love that this book helped both my kid and ME with how to talk through his feelings. I can’t wait to see what other emotions Wilson works through.”


Online review: David

A VERY special book!

“This book “Wilson the Wombat” is DELIGHTFUL!!!!! It is a treasure! I read it with my girls and we ALL thoroughly enjoyed it! The story is fabulous and so applicable with the “what-if worries” – we applied it for ‘back to school’! I love the visual of a sword of “worry” being replaced with the sword of “truth”! That is so powerful and generated a lot of great discussion.

The message in the book is wonderful and very inspirational – it makes the reader think about the “what-if worries” and how to combat them. The facts about wombats are awesome (didn’t know anything about them before this book!) and “The Wombat Bed & Breakfast” is absolutely adorable! This book is just SO cute and perfect!

This book will be treasured by our family & read for years to come. Thank you for such a special book!”


Online review: Tara

Love this ADORABLE book that perfectly addresses nighttime anxiety! Help your child RELAX at night!

“I’m so excited that I got Wilson the Wombat and the Nightime What-If Worries, because as a Mom I’m looking for anything that can guide me in teaching my kids to walk through the worry or anxieties they may face. I have read so many other resources on this subject, so I wasn’t expecting much… but WOW was I pleasantly surprised! This book isn’t like a lot of other kids’ books, which may have some great content…but tend to be a little lacking on connecting with my kid. How can I say it?? Sometimes those books are overly psychology-wordy or the illustrations are a little, um…”off”! Okay, first thing I notice…ADORABLE illustrations. SO cute!! My kid immediately could relate that Wilson feared going to bed. It’s an easy and engaging read. It’s cool to be introduced to the facts about wombats and other Australian animals. We learned, we giggled, and in the middle of this interactive book the author was able to somehow graciously address and teach us BOTH how to deal with nightime worries. It really helps teach kids how to understand and describe their feelings. Super practical and doable. I definitely feel better equipped to help my child, and I think it really helped him, too. Glad to know it’s all from a counselor. Definitely a two thumbs up and on the top of my “what to buy” gift list.”


Online review: Deedra

WONDERFUL book for kids with extra worries, especially at night.

“I wish I could leave an extra star for this book! I ordered it for my youngest who has a lot of fears, specifically at night. He was immediately drawn in by the humor and beautiful illustrations, but the underlying message was not missed on him. This book put a name to his worries. His “what if worries” were easy to him to identify. We were able to dialogue about the “what if truths” as well. Thank you for giving him words to describe his feelings. I’m hopeful he will continue to cling to the truth and find calm and peace at night!”


Online review: Sean

Must-read for littles AND bigs! Empowering!

“This book is fantastic! It’s so sweet to see the mom and dad wombat work through little Wilson’s fears. It’s honest, thought provoking, and goofy enough to keep kiddos engaged.

As a middle school teacher, I’ve even referred to this book with my students. The animal facts, illustrations, and well-developed characters tie in the main point so well. We learn to fight the what if worries with the what is truths.

As a counselor, Amy brings clinical techniques into this book, allowing the reader to work through common struggles with their kiddos. It’s empowering!”


Online review: Abby


“This book is great for all ages and is filled with humor and fun facts for all ages as well as addressing a very important issue that is hard to find books about for kids. Great conversation starter areas throughout the book and great illustrations to keep even the smallest reader engaged. We bought books for all of our grandkids and will be gifting one to our school counselor as well. Thank you Amy for Wilson the Wombat!”


Online review: Timothy

I love this book! A sweet story wrapped around help for dealing with worries.

“I love this book. It is cute, heartwarming, informational, and helpful. The main purpose of this book is to help caretakers help kids learn how to deal with their worries, but I think that it is also helpful for all of us to learn how to deal with our worries. The the information is presented within a a fun story and in a way that is “do-able” for all ages. The bonuses are fun facts about unique Aussie animals, the adorable illustrations, and the tips for caretakers. I highly recommend this book to all! After all, we all have worries.”


Online review: William

So creatively written!

“This is such a creative book. It has so much interesting information for kids and adults.
It’s definitely a great book to gift.”


Online review: Amazon User